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Factors that affect the value of a reverse mortgage loan

There are different factors that affect the exact amount of money you can be awarded in a reverse mortgage loan. Limitations are put in place so as to ensure that both the interests of the borrowers and those of the lender are put into consideration. It is important to be aware of the fact that after receiving a reverse mortgage, you end up surrendering the equity of   home. This is so as the equity of the home can cover the loan as security in order to ensure that the lender’s money is protected from possible loss. Despite the fact that reverse mortgages are specifically high amount loans; there is a specific limit at which your home’s equity can guarantee you to get the highest amount of money.

Factors that affect the amount of money in a reverse mortgage loan

Home value

Before being given a reverse mortgage, the lender makes it a point of ensuring that he/she is able to calculate the value of your home. This is due to the reason that the home’s equity is directly proportional to the value of your home. In most cases, you can not be able to get a loan that is higher than the equity of your home. This is due to the reason that such an occurrence means that only part of the loan is secured and as such you may end up losing money while recovering the loan.


Age is yet another factor that is kept in consideration during the application of a reverse mortgage loan. This is due to the reason that the older that you are, the higher the amount of money that you are bound to receive as loan. Lenders argue that the older you are, the shorter the repayment period and as such, most lenders provide the elderly with larger loans as compared to those who are fairly younger. It is therefore advisable that you should apply for a reverse mortgage at a time when your age is advanced in your late 70s and early 80s.

Terms and conditions

Reverse mortgages that have entirely flexible repayment terms, usually have a fairly low amount of money. This is due to the reason that the lender’s security in such a loan is a bit compromised and therefore, the exact amount of money that can be given as loan is maintained at its lowest. On the other hand, reverse mortgages whose terms are very strict usually have a very high amount of money. However, such a reverse mortgage loan is usually very expensive to service especially in the long run.


It is greatly important that before applying for any reverse mortgage loan, you should ensure that you fully understand the terms and conditions that come with these loans. This is quite important in that it helps in ensuring that you are aware of all the strategies and procedures in reverse mortgage application. This is quite important in that it enables you to settle on a loan which you can be able to service and one that is not bound to put any financial burden in its repayment.

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